I love your book.

I love your book. I think it should be required reading in our academies, or maybe a youth SS quarterly so it would reach more kids. I am learning who I am supposed to be. I wish I had your book when I was setting out on this adventure.
- Kathy K., Minnesota

I know what I believe

I know what I believe, but in curiosity, I read the book. I found one of the most beautiful pictures of God’s grace that I have ever read – for that chapter alone the book will be worth anyone’s time. I see this book as something that would make a wonderful gift to nurture the life started by baptism.
- Lorraine H., North Carolina

Everyone wants to talk about it

We are using the book for our prayer meetings at two churches. We ran into a problem… there is not enough time for discussion. Everyone wants to talk about it. This is a subject which I believe will hit at the heart of every Seventh-day Adventist who has struggled with law and grace in the context of a relationship with God.
- Pastor John W., Missouri

clearest explanation of the gospel

This is the clearest explanation of the gospel that I have ever read.
- George K., Minnesota

This is what we’ve been missing

I believe that you nailed. This is what we’ve been missing. Great stories and analogies. Excellent use and balance of scripture, EGW, and historical references. I believe strongly that any Adventist who reads this and does not get it... will miss out on the boat/ark/ kingdom.
- Pastor Joey S., Florida

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