“God has always had a Visible Remnant.”


Chapter 18, Page 174 –

Welcome back. During our last several conversations I mentioned a concept that I didn’t fully explain, the Visible Remnant. Let me expand on it for you now because it will lead us into our topic for this conversation.

God has always had a Visible Remnant. These are the People of God whom He calls to speak to the world, to draw out from the world the Invisible Remnant who don’t know that they are part of the People of God, but when they are called, respond to God’s messages.

If you know your Bible history, you can probably name those whom you know have been part of the Visible Remnant. They’re a veritable Who’s Who of God’s brightest and best. They have arisen in every generation, and when they have spoken, some who had not known the true God responded.

You might think of Noah as he preached and built an ark or Abraham as he witnessed to his neighbors, the ancestors of the prominent nations of the Middle East. You might think of Elijah on Mt. Carmel and certainly of John the Baptist at the River Jordan. If you expand your sights beyond the Scriptures, you might think of Martin Luther at the doors of the Wittenberg Church or John Wesley in England or Joseph Wolfe in Africa and the Middle East or William Miller in New England. (These folk are well worth knowing about and the Internet is an easy place to search them out.) Whenever these members of the Visible Remnant and others like them have called, some “who dwell on the earth” have responded.

In the Time of the End, God also has a people who are called to speak for God. These are the Visible Remnant who are to call out the people from the world – the Invisible Remnant – who will respond.