“This is where we are in earth’s history today.”


Chapter 18, Page 178 –

And I’m going to stop at this point in the story – because this is where we are in earth’s history today, right now – even as you and I are having this conversation. As we watch the world news unfold each day, as we observe the activities and events in our towns and neighborhoods, as we live out our lives in response to these news events (by which we daily witness to our friends and neighbors), you and I are watching and living a repeat of this story in today’s world.

First of all, please notice:

Just like Noah, God has called out a special group – the Visible Remnant – to preach the message that God is about to visit this world once again. And again, just as in Noah’s day, God is about to bring the Plan of Salvation to a conclusion. 

Just like Noah, the Remnant are to be preaching that God has already offered a Substitute Lamb (John 1:29) for the sins of everyone in the whole world – if they will accept it.

Just like Noah, the Remnant are to be preaching that those who accept the First Gift need to separate themselves from the philosophies and the activities of those who have rejected the First Gift and accept God’s Second Gift (the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:38.) Review Chapters 4-6, if you don’t remember the Gifts and how they build the Covenant Grace-Faith Relationship. This Second Gift will create the change of heart, internally (Ezekiel 36:26-27), and the change of behavior to match, externally (Romans 12:2), so that everyone can be restored to the character of God – the Third Gift (2 Peter 1:4) – if they will accept it.

And now, especially like Noah, the Remnant must be preaching that God is about to return to the earth and reveal who has accepted and who has rejected these three Gifts (John 5:28-29).