“Intercession is not a soft job for the faint of heart.” 


Chapter 13, Page 132 –

What has God allowed to happen with all the sins for which the People of God have asked forgiveness, all the transgressions and iniquities that were heaped upon the Savior, our Lamb of God? Did you see them there – all those spots? 

They have been transferred to the Heavenly Sanctuary – to the Altar of Burnt Offering, the Altar of Incense, and the Veil – and the High Priest Himself. Jesus Christ is the Sin Offering, the Sanctuary, and the High Priest. He has released you – and me – from the overpowering burden of carrying the weight of our sins. It’s His job – as High Priest in the Heavenly Sanctuary – to carry them. Intercession is not a soft job for the faint of heart. The Veil represents the contaminating sin that has been transferred from the People of God to the Heavenly Sanctuary.

The Veil also represents something else. Did you see it there in Hebrews 10:20? “. . . by a new and living way which He inaugurated for us through the veil, that is, His flesh . . .” 

The humanity of Jesus is the Veil He wore while here on earth to cover His divinity so that the disciples and others could be in His presence without being burned by “the consuming fire” of Almighty God. The Veil is a protection for us while we are ministering priests, allowing us to work alongside God the Son and to be empowered by God the Holy Spirit without being consumed. And the Veil – the humanity of Jesus Christ – continues to be our protection as He represents you and me before “the throne of the Majesty in the heavens” when He presents us in the final judgment.